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We're founded on the insight that presenting data and text in an interactive, visual context promotes a faster and deeper understanding of information. It also fosters a more engaged user. More about us



We start our services with you by following the same design process for all effective user experiences: defining measureable goals.
Sample  We want to show a 360° view of task list priorities for a facility manager. The view should show where tasks are concentrated and inform scheduling.
triangle with all three sides equal
One or more images are used to generate a 3D model. The model is then exported into a format that's optimized for transmission through the web.
Unique IDs are stamped within the model so that model components can be associated with external data sources.
triangle with all three sides equal id: u_5_05
Informed by user research and interaction design, the model is integrated into a web page view with CSS, JavaScript and external data.
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