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  • A visual context for data

    Where did your data come from? Seeing a visual presentation of a data source puts users in a better position to interpret and act on real-time or processed data.

  • Customizations

    A visual presentation embedded into a web-based user experience must fit into the style and user experience of its surroundings. Customizations are enabled through JavaScript and CSS.

  • Platform

    Our extensible platform enables experimentation and fast, iterative development of interactive presentation plugins for specific markets and businesses.

Integrate maps into web-based content


Plugins are developed with JavaScript


Maps are fully customizable using CSS


JSON is used to represent a map


Maps broadcast events so developers can update page content


Map data onto a visual, interactive context

Mapping data starts with the most common digital asset: images. An image of any place or any thing is easily captured through digital cameras and mobile phone cameras. In addition, many computer file formats such CAD drawings or PDF files support export to multiple image file formats.

Hence, we start the process of mapping data onto a visual context with images. By no means are we limited to the two dimensional layout of images. However, because of the widespread presence of images our visual presentation plugins are developed with images as the foundation.


Our products are categorized into three areas: a set of JavaScript/CSS files that parse and render an interactive image map on your web page; an online editor for creating and modifying map files; and a cloud service that can store and serve map requests.

Map Views


Interactive Map View

A set of JavaScript/CSS files that parse and render interactive image maps into an area of an HTML page. JavaScript/CSS files are grouped based on the layout and interactive layers included in a map.

Create Maps


Interactive Map Editor

The Map Editor is a full-featured toolset accessible in modern web browsers on any operating system. It enables developers and non-programmers to quickly and easily create and publish interactive maps.

Embed Maps


Interactive Map Cloud

Create, publish and store interactive maps in the Interactive Map cloud service. Thereafter, embed your interactive map on your website, blog or intranet in the same way as Google Maps or YouTube videos. Embedded maps enable additional cloud features such as exporting an interactive map as an image or as a Microsoft Office document.

Get started

Our developer docs will get you started with the integration of an interactive map into your web-based content.

Developer Docs