A visual context for data

Integrate data into a visual, interactive setting so your users are better positioned to interpret and act on data results


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We're founded on the insight that presenting data and text in an interactive, visual context promotes a faster and deeper understanding of information. It also fosters a more engaged user. More

Image Interactive|a {software} company


Web Development

Our development focuses on HTML5, CSS3/4 and vanilla JavaScript front-end user experiences.


We work with your UI/UX designers to define and prototype front-end user experiences. We also provide cloud-based services to showcase working prototypes.

3D Modeling

We create 3D models that give your users a 360°, interactive context for your data.


User Experience

We put a high priority on creating a satifying user experience so that your users are engaged and motivated to act on what they learn from their interactive image/data experience.

Creative Design

We experiement with user experience design to achieve the best interpretation of data. We draw from successes and learnings so our creations are best suited to each user scenario.

Responsive Design

Our responsive design layouts meet expectations that users can interact with data-in-context on their mobile devices, tablets and large screen displays.


We use standard HTML5, CSS3/4 and "vanilla" JavaScript so our components plug into your new or existing web applications.


Our components never hardcode data. Instead, we always code with the criteria that data integrated into an interactive context will change.


We're continually improving the performance and user experience of our components. We pass on those improvements to you through our update process.