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Image Interactive LLC is a software product and services company based in Seattle, USA. Our company was founded on the insight that presenting data and text in an interactive, visual context promotes a faster and deeper understanding of information. It also fosters a more engaged user.

Charts can be visually impressive and they provide very detailed insight. Intrepretating chart data, however, can be slow and often requires a presenter to draw attention to critical data subsets.

First, show your users critical data points in context of an image so that users can:

  • See a visual of where data came from.
  • Observe relationships between data subsets.
  • Prioritize where follow-up action should be taken.


Image Interactive JavaScript/CSS files render an interactive image map into an HTML element—commonly into a <div> tag—within your web page. Files can be loaded directly by your web page in order to render an interactive image map.

Maps can also be rendered into <iframe> HTML tag so files can be stored and downloaded into your web page from our cloud services.


A layout is defined as "the arrangement of elements in a space." The purpose of an arrangement of images in an interactive image map is to create a narrative of your data—a narrative that draws users towards more important and actionable data points.

Images can be arranged to stack above one another to create a level map layout; images can be arranged in a timeline or slider layout.


Images in the PNG, JPEG or GIF format represent a grid of pixels on your display. The SVG format of an image provides the ability to connect interactivity directly to the image.

Otherwise, to enable interactivity with PNG, JPEG or GIF images one or more layers of HTML elements must be added above the image. Image Interactive uses the browser's native support of SVG as well as common HTML elements to enable interactivity within images.

Learn more about links, layouts and layers through our developer docs.

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