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Interactive Map Cloud

Create, publish and store interactive maps in the Interactive Map cloud service. Thereafter, embed your interactive map on your website, blog or intranet in the same way as Google Maps or YouTube videos. Embedded maps enable additional cloud features such as exporting an interactive map as an image or as a Microsoft Office document.

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Interactive Map Cloud


Display maps without the overhead of storing files on your servers

  • Monthly support plans
  • 1GB of storage space


Use the <iframe> tag. Copy the following into a web page:

Copy the following into the address bar of a browser or click/tap here to navigate to the embedded map.


Render maps files in your web-based content without the overhead of storing and maintainging maps files.

Automatic updates to map presentation files.

Embedded Map

Cloud services are administered by Image Interactive. Businesses/developers administrators have access to their published maps.

Embed interactive maps into web-based content similar to embedded Google Maps.

Geolocation storage options for optimizing map file delivery to user devices.