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Interactive Map Editor

The Map Editor is a full-featured toolset accessible in modern web browsers on any operating system. It enables developers and non-programmers to quickly and easily create and publish interactive maps.

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Interactive Map Editor


Create and publish your own interactive maps

  • Unlimited map creation
  • 1GB of storage space
  • 10 hours of support
  • Ease-of-use features
  • Online editing


A familier user experience allows you to quickly create new maps.

A preview and publish module allows you to view a visual presentation of a map document.

Maps can be published to the Image Interactive Map Cloud service or they can zipped up and downloaded to your local device, ready for integration into your web content.

The editor is hosted on imageia.com so no installation of application files are necessary on your local machine.

An integrated media library allows for storing and reuse of images across multiple map documents.

List the visual presentation of map, the editor stores a map document as a JSON string.

Support for common drawing experiences such as shape alignment, copy, paste, format painter and undo/redo.