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Interactive Map View

A set of JavaScript/CSS files that parse and render interactive image maps into an area of an HTML page. JavaScript/CSS files are grouped based on the layout and interactive layers included in a map.

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Interactive Map View


Suitable for businesses that present dashboards to users

  • Unlimited use
  • One time fee
  • 10 hours of integration support
  • Publish add-on service

Map Views

Level Map

Level maps provide a visual presentation of a list. A JavaScript/CSS plugin that presents images in an interactive, pseudo-3D level map. Level map

The level map plugin compliments lists or drop-downs that building and facility management software use and it gives a gives users a visual context of the source of data.


Scalable vector graphics (SVG) are used to represent a hotspot in one or more layers above an image. The use of SVG allows for any simple or complex shape to be rendered above an image.

A hotspot interactive image map can represent a rendering of different energy audit or occupancy sensors.

Radiant Dots

Radiant dots are concentric circles with animated rings eminating from the circle center to draw attention to the dot.

Radiant dots are effective over any image where you want to draw a users attention to a small set of parts of an image.


Sliders displayed in a web page are very common. Our slider is optimized to render interactive image maps in each slide.

Walk users through a progression of images with each image overlaid with interactive layers.


A vertical timeline layout that renders an interactive image map at each stop in the timeline.

Walk users through a progression of images in a time-based layout.



All maps are a "blank" canvas. Elements within a map are filled with a grey color. Businesses and developers define custom categories—names and colors—that represent the status or current state can be applied to spaces and sensors.


All level map events such as map load, levels transitioning into view, level selection and space selection are broadcasted to any JavaScript listener.

Level Map View

The Interactive Map View plugin component set is built with JavaScript and CSS and, therefore, it can be easily customized with your own JavaScript and CSS files that override default functionality and element styles.


The level map plugin is designed for mobile as well as laptop/desktop displays. Touch interaction is fully supported.

Delay load

As with any HTML element the rendering of a level map can be delay loaded.

Multiple maps

Multiple level maps can be embedded in the same HTML document.