Image Map Editor.

  • Sample Image Map Editor
  • Completed 2016
  • Created by Dave B
  • Data (Any type)
  • Context Image map layers

Project Info

A basic image map is the listing of coordinates within the dimensions of an image on a web page. The coordinate list allows a web developer to create responses to a user's interaction with an image.

As with many image map editors we developed ours to allow for coordinate lists to be generated from shapes drawn over an image.

We developed our image map editor, however, to evolve the purpose of an image map by allowing web developers to create depth to an image map.

Our editor enables multiple types of interaction layers and layouts to be inserted above and around an image map.

User Benefits

Simple image maps use shapes to draw a user's focus to a specific part of an image.

Adding multiple map layers like heat maps, color maps or radiant dots above an image adds more visual queues to draw attention to specific parts of an image.

By matching data results with a suitable interactive, visualization layer (heat map, color map, shape, etc.) users are better positioned to interpret data faster.