Plug Audit.

  • Sample Audit Dashboard
  • Completed 2018
  • Created by Dave B
  • Data Energy usage
  • Context CSS 2.5D level map

Project Info

Energy auditors often present energy data retrieved from metering devices in charts. Charts provide deep insight into energy consumption patterns and problem areas.

Charts, however, often take time to interpret and require a presenter to guide an audience to datasets that require attention.

Ahead of presenting charts—and not replacing them—a 2.5D interactive model of where energy audit data was sourced is displayed in a dashboard.

The interactive model uses color coded shapes to draw a user's attention to datasets that require follow-up action. Users can interact with the model to drill into datasets through a series of on-demand charts.

User Benefits

The 2.5D interactive model lets users start with a presentation of data in a context that's familiar: a floor plan of an office space.

In our audit dashboard sample the office space floor plan identifies where energy audits were conducted.

After users see a context of where an energy audit occurred they can interpret the simple color coded shapes to compare audited areas.

Rather than being inundated with chart details users first see a summary panel that allows them to drill down into datasets at their own pace.